Friday, February 19, 2010

What is True Love ?

He Said

You might remember in the December issue we talked

about Christmas and what Christmas means to both of us.

My main concern was that there were not enough color

lights in my world at this time of the year. Since

she always decorates with white lights every year,

I had sort of lost touch with the excitement of

Christmas trees being decorated with color lights.

How exactly does all of this relate to true love?

Let me share a story with you and then you can

judge whether this is the definite definition of

true love. Right after we finished the column for

December I left to go to a meeting. This was at night.

Now I had complained fairly strongly, as I am apt

to do sometimes, about the white lights vs colored

lights problem. When I arrived back at her house

later that night, she had put up another Christmas

tree and decorated it with colored lights and all

of the trimmings just for me. (She already had a

7 foot tree decorated with white lights in the living room).

This is what I call going the extra mile, without a

hint to me, without me asking or badgering her into

doing it. She did this to please me. She did this

because she loves me and wanted to make me happy.

This is one way to prove to someone how much you

love them. To her I say, Happy Valentine's Day and I love you.

She Said

Now you know why I put up with him. Wasn't that just

the sweetest thing for him to do?

( Expressing his love to me publicly in our column).

He could have just as easily complained about the

gifts that I gave him for Christmas. (One of which

was a GPS with a female voice for those who are keeping score).

I wanted to see if there was another female voice

he would listen to besides his mothers') I laughed

all the way to the cashier just thinking about the

double entendre: Larry following driving directions

while listening to a female voice! As far as the

extra tree goes, I had an extra one with plenty of

decorations so why not use it instead of letting it

collect dust in the basement. It sure beat listening

to him whine about not having colored lights.

Seriously, I did want to please him. I wanted to

surprise him. It certainly did those things

and he was exceedingly glad. It was a nice touch

to the house and made me realize that he needs

or wants certain things in his life, that maybe

I would not choose, but makes him happy. As all

couples know when both of you are happy life is

so much easier. Of course this doesn't mean he

will help more around the house, that he will

help take down the tree, wash more dishes, or

even cut the yard this spring. However, for the

month of December all was bliss, we got to see

all our children, we ate more than we ever needed,

we saw both of our parents, went to Virginia Beach

and Myrtle Beach,and had two trees that we both

enjoyed. To us, that's what relationships and

holidays are all about. I still need a dryer,

but he is not pushing the pre-nup as much;

and he got color lights on a Christmas

tree this year. Life is good.